Why become an affiliate of the Ultimate Azon Theme?

Simple. It Sells.

The Ultimate Azon Theme has been selling steadily since November of 2014 and shows no signs of slowing down. Join the UAT affiliate team and claim your share of the profits.

If you have an audience interested in building Amazon Affiliate related websites, it’s an easy sell to them.

UAT hit the market on November 7, 2014 and has been growing and improving ever since. Sales right now are the strongest they have ever been and showing no signs of slowing down.

I already have multiple affiliates making regular sales every week, and I would love to have you join them!

UAT is here so we can make money together, while helping as many other people make more themselves through using the theme.

How Do I Become an Affiliate of the Ultimate Azon Theme?

The UAT affiliate program is conducted through the ClickBank marketplace. Once signing up with ClickBank for free, search the marketplace for “Ultimate Azon Theme” and you can obtain your affiliate links.

Background on the Ultimate Azon Theme

If you don’t know, UAT started out as a custom theme that I developed for my own personal use. (I’m a professional web developer). I developed it because all of the current Amazon Affiliate themes out there were not even close to good enough for me, and I wanted a better option.

Utilizing the Google Tag Manager and Event Tracking in Google Analytics, I closely tracked how my site visitors were actually using my sites. Based off this data, I ran many tests and optimized my theme over about 12 months.

My site was my biggest earner online, so I shared the URL with a few trusted colleagues. They were so impressed they asked me if they could use the theme too. At that time only a good web developer could have utilized the theme.

Since I knew there was a demand for a high quality Amazon Affiliate Theme, I decided to develop it into a theme I could share with other Amazon Affiliates, and

After countless hours of development, cups of coffee, and sleepless nights, my first digital product was born the success of the Ultimate Azon Theme has been astonishing.

Looking for More Information?

Just email me at dave (at) ultimateazontheme.com