UAT2 – Setting Up your Amazon API Keys

About the Product Advertising API

In order to use the Ultimate Azon Theme 2 to it’s fullest extent, you must have an Amazon Affiliate Account, and sign up for the Product Advertising API.

Sign up for the Amazon Associate Program if you are not already a member, at your preferred country location.


Next, you need to sign up for the Product Advertising API.

Depending on how long you’ve been an Amazon Affiliate, you may or may not have already set up your Amazon Product Advertising API. Here is how to do that.

  1. Log into your Amazon Associate Account (links above)
  2. Click on the Product Advertising API tab under the “Tools” option on the top menu
  3. Click Sign up now and follow the sign up directions -> it’s pretty straight forward and easy.


How to Set Up Your Access Key ID / Secret Access Key on Amazon AWS

So now that you have your Amazon Associate ID and have signed up for the Product Advertising API, you can obtain your API key and Secret Key.

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to the “Ultimate Azon -> Reviews & Amazon -> Amazon API” settings page.
  2. Click this link next: AWS Account Management page
  3. There will be a pop up message
    1. Click: Continue to security credentials
  4. Get to security credentials
  5. Click Access keys
  6. Then click create new access key
  7. Click show access key


Next, paste your Amazon Amazon API Access Key.


Then paste in your Amazon API Secret Key.


Then choose the Default Amazon Search Locale that matches your Amazon Affiliate Account.

Lastly, put the affiliate ID for the proper country that matches your Amazon Associate Account in the field. 

* The Azon Tables plugin does not have link localization built in. Amazon has recently started handling this themselves, by enabling affiliates to link their country accounts together and get a localization script to add to your webpage. For link localization, look into Amazon One Link.



Lastly, save your settings and you should be all set.


Trouble Shooting

If the theme is not working to pull up Amazon Product Data, you are likely not properly signed up for the Product Advertising API. It is also possible that your Access Key or Secret Key are wrong, or have extra spaces, or are missing a character.

* The theme works properly, if your API connection does not, it means there is something wrong with your settings or Associate Account setup

Please go through the above steps again to verify that everything is set up properly and your setting are saved properly.

If you still cannot get it to work, contact support here.

Make sure to tell us the steps you have taken and provide admin login information for your website.