UAT2 – Settings – Reviews & Amazon

Here is where you set all of your settings related to the Review post type, the product specifications, and the Amazon API settings.



Global Settings Tab

Product Review Post Type Singular Name & Plural Name

By default, the main Amazon API driven post type is called “Review/Reviews“. UAT2 gives you the ability to change this however.

Note that this will display in your URL’s like this:

* WordPress requires custom post types to include the “post type” in the URL. 


Nofollow Affiliate Links

Checking this box will add a rel=”nofollow” to all of your affiliate links generated by UAT2.


Open Affiliate Links in New Window

Checking this box will make all UAT2 generated Amazon associate links open in a new tab.


Product Specifications Tab

Creating your Custom Product Specifications

The first step in actually setting up your product reviews is setting up your custom product specifications.

* If you want to pull ALL product specifications from Amazon, you do not need to create Specification Groups here.

Navigate to “Ultimate Azon -> Reviews & Amazon -> Product Specifications“.

Enter the following information.

  • Specifications Group Name – use something that describes what this group of specifications is used for.
  • Specification Group Type – the only option for now is “Choose my Own”
  • Custom Product Specifications – Here is where you will create the product specifications that will be displayed to your users.

Custom Product Specifications is called a “repeater field” – meaning that you can add as many more repetitions of the fields as you would like. Once you create your first product specification, you can click the “Add Specification” button to add another, and another, etc…

Each product specification has a few different fields you must fill out.


Specification Name

What do you want this specification to be called? Examples: price, brand, capacity, length, color, etc …


Hide This Label

Checking this box will hide the specification name from being displayed. For example, you might not want “Price” to show because it is obvious that this is the price. (* Be aware that by hiding the specification label, this column in comparison tables cannot be sorted.)


Specification Type

This is where you choose what data and where it is coming from for this specification.

* all options except for “Pull from Amazon” are specifications that you must manually enter data for each product and review. Only the “Pull from Amazon” option pulls data automatically.

* Notice that you can create some product specifications that automatically pull info from Amazon, and some as custom specs that you manually add in data for. Highly flexible!

Your options are:

  • Plain Text – a simple plain text field. No html allowed. Meant to hold a small piece of data.
  • Paragraph Text – a larger text field for longer sentences.
  • Star Rating – Adds a star rating. Cannot be pulled from the Amazon API. This is for your own manual star ratings. Do not pretend this is the Amazon star rating.
  • Yes / No – Displays a green checkmark for “Yes”, and a red “X” for no.
  • Image – Upload an image or choose one from your media library.
  • Price – Add your own price manually for each review/product
  • Button – Adds an affiliate link button automatically
  • Shortcode – Use this if you need to input a shortcode into your product specification. Some shortcodes may not work properly here.
  • Pull from Amazon – Here is where the real power of UAt2 comes in. All of the options that appear after you choose this have their product data automatically pulled from the Amazon API.* The quality of Amazon data that gets pulled in depends on how well the seller input the data on Amazon. WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THIS.These are the Amazon fields currently available in UAT2:
    • ASIN – Automatically pulls in the product ASIN.
    • Brand – Automatically pulls in the product brand.
    • Model – Automatically pulls in the product model number.
    • UPC – Automatically pulls in the product UPC code.
    • Features – Automatically pulls in the product features.
    • Warranty – Automatically pulls in the product warranty.
    • Price – Automatically pulls in the product prices. You can enable the 4 price points below.
      • List Price – The regular list price of the product. Not the sale price.
      • Discounted Price – The sale price if product is on sale.
      • Amount Saved – UAT calculates the dollar amount saved on the sale price.
      • Percentage Saved – UAT calculates the percentage saved on the sale price.
    • Lowest New Price – Automatically pulls in the product’t lowest new price.
    • Lowest Used Price – Automatically pulls in the product’s lowest used price.
    • Small Image – Automatically pulls in the product’s small API small image.
    • Medium Image – Automatically pulls in the product’s small API medium image.
    • Large Image – Automatically pulls in the product’s small API large image.


Once you have created your first product specification, click the “Update” button so you do not lose your work. Now proceed to add a few more product specifications. We recommend only setting up 3 – 5 to get started, and you can always go back to add more later.



Amazon API Tab

Pleas See the Setting Up your Amazon API Keys Tutorial.


Single Review Page Tab

This is the settings that will affect the main product review post your visitors see. This is your main review.


Review Single – Layout Type

Choose the layout you would like to use for the single review page.

Your Options Are:

  • Content / Sidebar
  • Sidebar / Content


Hide or Show Sidebar Product Link Button

Use this option to hide or show the built in Amazon affiliate link button at the bottom of the product specifications sidebar your visitor sees.


Sidebar Product Link Button Text

The sidebar with the custom product specifications has an automatic affiliate link button added at the bottom. You can choose what text goes in this button here.


Link or Unlink Top featured Image

Use this if you want to link or unlink your Amazon affiliate link from the large image at the top of the review single page.


Hide or Show Top Link Bar

This is the automatic affiliate link bar that displays directly before your main review body, underneath the custom product specifications and image viewer. You can also set the text that will be used n this link bar.


Hide or Show Bottom Link Bar

This is the automatic affiliate link bar that displays directly after your main review body. You can also set the text that will be used n this link bar.


Review Archive Page Tab


Review Archive – Layout Type


Review Archive Page Heading (H1 Tag)


Review Archive Page Intro

Disable “Quick View”


Full Review Button Text & Disable Full Review Button in the “Quick View” popup modal


Affiliate Link Button Text & Disable Affiliate Button in the “Quick View” popup modal


Disable Product Specs in the “Quick View” popup modal


Disable Bottom Affiliate Link in the “Quick View” popup modal


Disable Top Product Image in the “Quick View” popup modal


Disable Affiliate Link on the Top Product Image in the “Quick View” popup modal