How do I activate my new copy of the Ultimate Azon Theme?

First you have to upload it into your theme directory and activate it there. Next, navigate to Ultimate Azon -> Support & License. Once there, enter your license key into the field and click save. After that you will see a new button titles “Activate” – Click that and you can now edit your theme settings.

Is there a free version of the Ultimate Azon WordPress Theme?

No. There is only a paid licensed version at this time.

Does the Ultimate Azon Theme support multiple languages?

Yes. Although it doesn’t come with any translations, the theme is 100% translation ready. I recommend using the Loco Translate plugin to do so. UAT comes with a complete .pot template file ready for translation.

Can I use the theme for other affiliate programs rather than the Amazon Affiliate Program?

Although this theme is designed to be used with the Amazon Affiliate Program, yes, you can use any affiliate links or programs you wish.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, there is a sixty day money back guarantee.

Do you have an affiliate program for the Ultimate Azon Theme?

Yes we do! If you are interested in making some money with the Ultimate Azon Theme, please visit our affiliate info page here.

Is the Ultimate Azon Theme compatible withe the Easy Azon WordPress Plugin?

Yes. You can create Amazon link shortcodes in your content editor, and then paste the shortcode into the “Product Affiliate Link” field built into the UAT theme. We do not recommend turning on the Amazon link localization in the Easy Azon plugin, but rather use the UAT built in link localization, so we can make sure it always works properly.

Can I convert a large site with many reviews to the Ultimate Azon Theme?

Yes you can, but doing so will require you to do a considerable amount of manual work to convert it. All product reviews must be converted to the new post type in UAT, which will require you to add the main product image and all the custom specs manually to each new review.

Converting a review site works best for sites with less than 50 reviews to convert, but there is no limit. The more product reviews you must convert, the more work it will be.

I DO NOT recommend using the Ultimate Azon Theme for sites with over 150 review posts as the amount of work required to convert it would be very large, although possible.

Who do I contact for sales questions?

You can click here with any questions regarding sales. Support inquiries sent to this email address will not be responded to. Please read through the FAQ below first.