highly-customizable-options-panelExtensive Options Panels

First impressions are everything, and having a professional-looking and unique website goes a long way in getting your visitors to stick around. By being able to convey authority from the start with a great look, visitors end up  consuming more of  your content, and ultimately clicking on your affiliate links.

The Ultimate Azon Theme comes jam-packed with over 70 different style settings that you can change to your liking – giving you all the power to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Some of the ultimate customizations include:

Site Logo & Tag Line – You can simply use a plain text logo and customize it with Google Fonts, sizes, and colors of your choosing, or upload your own logo image file.

Fonts – You can change the font family, font size, and font color of your headings, paragraphs, sidebar headings, footer headings, and more.

Backgrounds – For your header & body backgrounds, choose a solid color, add a gradient, upload your own background image, or choose from our library of pre-installed professional background images!

Sliders & Sortable tables – You can style the colors of your product sliders and sortable comparison tables, and choose whether you want to link the photo to the full review or your affiliate link, and you can also add full review and affiliate link buttons, and style them as well.

preset-color-schemesPreset Theme Settings & Styles

New opportunities can arise at any moment, and the Ultimate Azon Theme makes it possible to quickly setup and design a new site quickly and with ease. Customization is great, but sometimes you just have to get moving first.

The Ultimate Azon Theme comes pre-loaded with a number of preset style configurations that you can activate with a single click from the dashboard. Getting you up and running instantly.

Every preset has the ability to be ‘tweaked’ after being selected. So, you can keep the site looking just as-is, or use the full power of the customization panel to ensure that it is 100% to your liking.

save-your-own-preset-color-schemesSave Your Own Preset Theme Styles

Not only do we provide you with various preset theme styles, but you can also design your site exactly how you want it, and then save your own presets.

That way, if you love your current design but want to try something different,  you can save your current style settings so you can easily get them all back with the click of a button.

You can also use a preset theme out of the box, tweak it just how you want it with minimal effort, then save that as your own custom preset to make adjustments later!

background-image-libraryFree Background Images

The Ultimate Azon WordPress Theme comes pre-loaded with twenty different professional-looking background images that you can choose from to use in your website header background, or body background.

Not only can you use our pre-installed background images, but you can upload and use your own, too!

main-product-custom-post-typeCustom Review Post Type

When building a product review site, it’s ideal that you separate your product reviews from your other pages and blog posts.

UAT lets you do this by naming your own product review post type. You choose the singular and plural versions of your product name, and those become the name of your product reviews post type.

Other popular product review themes that provide a custom post type for your reviews simply name it “Reviews”. We take it a giant step further and let you name your own! Not only does this keep your site well-organized, but even more search engine-friendly than other themes.


Other Review Themes URL Structure: http://yoursite.com/reviews/the-best-review-ever/

UAT Theme URL Structure: http://yoursite.com/cordless-drills/the-best-review-ever/

main-product-zoomable-imageZoomable Main Product Image

One of the unique features that other themes don’t have is a flexible main product image. With the Ultimate Azon Theme, all you have to do is upload a large square image of your product, and choose whether you want the image to link to your product affiliate link, be a zoomable image, or do nothing at all.

Not only that, but this theme will automatically create all of the different image sizes required for display on your website, so that the correct, optimized file size will be served throughout different sections of your website.

create-custom-product-specificationsCreate Custom Product Specifications

With the Ultimate Azon Theme, you can create your own custom product specifications and attributes. Some examples are length, width, color, number of sprockets, etc. Whatever it is, you can create it!

Once you create these product specifications in the settings panel, you can input the values into each of your reviews that will be displayed on the main product review page template or featured on the sortable comparison tables.

These custom product specifications will be the focus to many new theme updates and features in the future.

secondary-related-product-post-typesTwo Supporting Product Review Post Types

Aside from your main product review post type, you can enable two more “related” product types, which will then have their own archives that you can add to your website, as to keep them separate from your main blog section.

This is great if your main product has related products that go with it. For example, if you were reviewing camping tents, you could use these two new product types to review camping chairs and camping air mattresses.


brand-post-typeCustom “Brand” Post Type

There is another Custom Post Type that you can utilize to create “Brand” pages for the different brands whose products you are reviewing.

You can then add a writeup of the brand, and embed a product slider or sortable table right on the page that shows only products from this brand.

This is great for visitors who like a specific brand already and want to know what your site offers from those brands.

easy-build-product-sliders-sortble-tablesEasy Build Product Sliders & Sortable Comparison Table

With the Ultimate Azon Theme, you can build product sliders and sortable comparison tables with just a few clicks of your mouse. Once you have some product reviews added to your website, you can easily create a new “Slider” or “Sortable Table”, give it a name, and populate it with the products that you have reviewed. All you’ll have to do is to select which products you want to use in your slider/table from a dropdown list, click save, and your slider/table is created!

You can create as many product sliders and sortable tables as you wish, and embed them almost anywhere in your website with a WordPress “shortcode”, that you can easily add just by clicking the “Add Slider/Table” button above the content editor on any page/post you have.

Creating sharp-looking and dynamic content couldn’t be easier! Plus, we are working on new product comparison features for future theme updates!

built-in-seo-optionsBuilt In SEO Options

The Ultimate Azon WordPress Theme comes with some basic SEO options that you can enable for quick Search Engine Optimization, or turn off so you can use the SEO plugin of your choice.

The options that are included in this theme are a custom Page Meta Title, custom Page Meta Description, and you can set you pages to noindex, nofollow, or noindex/nofollow.


google-tag-manager-integrationGoogle Tag Manager Integration

You can add your Google Analytics tracking code to your website in a few different ways.

The Ultimate Azon Theme lets you choose whether you want to use a third-party plugin to add your Analytics tracking code, input your tracking code in the options panel of the theme, or add it in the latest recommended way by Google, which is through your Google Tag Manager account.

There are plugins out there that claim to add your Google Tag Manager Snippet Code to the site for you, but they either require you to edit the code of your theme files to even use their plugin, or if they automatically add it for you, they add it in the wrong place. The code needs to be placed directly underneath the opening <body> tag, and WordPress does not allow plugin developers to insert code at that location.

With the Ultimate Azon Theme, that problem is solved! We have the code in the theme files in the proper place, and all you’ll have to do is input your Tag Manager “Container ID” in the options panel, and then set up your Analytics Tracking Tags in your Tag Manager Account. Detailed instructions are provided in the Members-Only Section of our website.

advanced-affiliate-link-trackingAdvanced Link Tracking System

Have you ever wondered which links and locations of those links on your pages have the highest or lowest click-through rates?  If you are using the Google Tag Manager Integration recommended above, then you can utilize the advanced link tracking system that is in place within your theme files.

Every built in Affiliate link in your website has some special code added to the link html, that holds data that can be passed through Google Tag Manager and right into your Google Analytics Account.

The data that will be passed along includes the page the link that was clicked is on, the location on the page, and what link exactly was clicked.

With this data being pulled into your Analytics Account, you can see exactly which links are working well and which are not.  You can also see what products and product specs are the most popular, and then optimize your website based off of that information.

Also, when you combine this link tracking data with your other Google Analytics Reports, you can gain a wealth of information that can help you optimize your website for the highest CTR possible.

Don’t guess what links work the best, know with certainty.

amazon-link-localizationBuilt In Amazon Link Localization

Don’t lose out on International traffic a second longer!

If you are not using Amazon Link Localization, you are losing out on commissions that are generated by visitors from other countries that view your website and click an affiliate link that takes them to an Amazon website in the wrong country. Don’t miss out on commissions!

The Ultimate Azon Theme comes equipped with built-in “Link Localization”, which means that visitors from countries other than your own will get redirected to their international Amazon website instead of the wrong one. You can choose to use this built in link localization or turn it off.

In order to use this feature and actually get those commissions, you must sign up for the affiliate program in each country that you would like to earn commissions in.

advanced-theme-customizationsResponsive Layout & Design

In this day of the modern web and all of its various screen sizes, your website must look GREAT on all of them or you lose out on commissions!

The Ultimate Azon WordPress Theme is built using a responsive layout, meaning that the look and layout of your website will automatically adjust to the screen size of your viewer, giving them an optimized browsing experience, no matter what device they are on.

This also helps to future-proof your website by making the theme layout flexible enough to accommodate any and all new screen sizes that may be introduced to the market in the future.

To see how the responsiveness of this theme works, click here to view the demo site, and drag your browser window wider and narrower to see the site adapt right in front of your eyes, or view it on your mobile device.

multiple-sidebar-areasMultiple Sidebar Areas

Most themes come with a single sidebar area that you can add widgets to within the WordPress admin.

The problem with this is that not every section of your site should necessarily have the exact same sidebar content.

The Ultimate Azon Theme has numerous different sidebar areas. The different site sections that can have unique sidebar content are:

  • Home page sidebar (used only on the homepage)
  • Main product reviews sidebar (used only on the main product review pages)
  • Related product 1 sidebar (used only on the related product 1 pages)
  • Related product 2 sidebar (used only on the related product 2 pages)
  • Blog/Articles sidebar (used only in your blog/articles pages)
  • Default Sidebar area (used everywhere else where there is not a specific sidebar are designated)

modern-web-technologiesA Look Under the Hood

100% Cross-Browser Compatible

The Ultimate Azon Theme has been thoroughly tested in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 9 and above, and on the iPhone 4 – 6, and the latest Android browsers. This assures that your site will look great whichever browser your visitors are viewing it through.

The Ultimate Azon WordPress Theme is built using the latest web standards and technologies, and is written in PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, & jQuery.

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Product Name: Ultimate Azon Theme
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